Act! Case Studies

A selection of Act! case studies from previous client work

Act! Case Studies Act! Database solutions

We have documented a selection of Act! case studies below,  these are examples of where we have implemented Act! for a client and they were impressed with the results! we think you will be too.

Please call us for a no obligation discussion if you have a database requirement, our experience and expertise means that we can provide a rapid assessment to confirm that Act! is suitable.

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Case Study # 1 – Human Resources Outsourcing Company – 25 users

Due to a major contract win our clients workload was due to increase tenfold. Their existing business processes were complex and time consuming. A new approach was required in order for them to handle the increase in work efficiently
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 2 – London based Commercial Decorating Company

This London based client was operating a mainly paper based system to manage a large volume of major decorating and building fit out jobs for the construction industry.
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 3 – London based Seminar Telesales Company

We were asked to design an ACT! database for a Telesales Team selling places on international seminars. The existing system was based exclusively around MS Excel spreadsheets
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 4 – Franchised Accounting Company

This client needed a “system” that not only recorded their general Contact Management data but also recorded individual time spent on client specific accounting activities.
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 5 – A Southport Hotel

The Initial requirement from this very large hotel was to setup an ACT! database for their marketing team. This was to use a standard “Contact Centric” approach and structure.
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 6 – An International Sales Company

Our client needed to replace an existing unstable and unsupported programme which synchronised data between ACT! and mobile devices for an international trade sales company in the pet products sector.
Our solution ??…….read more


Case Study # 7 – Children & Families Direct Payments Support Service – Kent

This client needed a database to track and store information relating to all parties involved in the delivery of services to disabled children in receipt of direct payments. 
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 8 – Nottingham based personal assistant provisioning company

This client required an Act! database to maintain data relating to the direct payments clients and their personal assistants
Our solution ??…….read more

Case Study # 9 – Vehicle & Asset Finance company

This client needed to ‘systemise’ their business processes to support the expansion of their business and to help them to comply with incoming regulatory change.
Our solution ??…….read more

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