Act! CRM Classic (previously Act! CRM SaaS)

Act! CRM Classic is the fully featured cloud based version of Act! CRM hosted by Act! All tiers include email marketing.

Act! CRM Classic has a number of options and addon packages available depending on the chosen tier, these options include:

  • Custom Tables
  • Additional Cloud Storage
  • Act! Marketing Automation additional features

We would urge anyone interested in Act! CRM Classic to contact us first to discuss the options and confirm which tier will meet their requirements.

Please note:

  • It is NOT possible to have synchronised remote databases with Act! SaaS CRM and customisation is ONLY possible on the top tier.
  • Integration between MS Office and multiple databases does have some limitations.

A link to a trial version is here

There are three tiers available and a summary of their features is shown in this table:

Relationship & Task ManagementYESYESYES
Opportunity ManagementYESYESYES
Email Templates & HTML EditorYESYESYES
170+ Responsive TemplatesYESYESYES
Campaign ManagementYESYESYES
Standard ReportsYESYESYES
Act! Companion Mobile AppYESYESYES
Data Import ToolYESYESYES
SupportDigitalDigital & PhonePriority
Email Marketing Emails 2500 p/mth10,000 p/mth25,000 p/mth
Office & Google IntegrationNOYESYES
Dynamic GroupsNOYESYES
Dashboard & AnalyticsNOYESYES
Integration with Popular AppsNOYESYES
Team ManagementNOYESYES
Marketing Automation NOOptionalOptional
Advanced Pipeline ManagementNOYESYES
Custom Dashboards & AnalyticsNOYESYES
Advanced CustomisationNOYESYES
Custom QueriesNOYESYES
Social Sharing of emailsYESYESYES
Landing PagesYESYESYES
Drip Marketing YESYESYES
Asset TrackingNOOptionalOptional
SMS MessagingNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
SupportWeb / PortalTelephoneTelephone

Important Notes:

  • Review Act! system requirements here.
  • You must purchase one license of Act! CRM per user.
  • Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.
  • Integration with MS Outlook and Google and other applications is dependent on compatibility which can vary between versions of Act! and other target applications.
  • Act! software Legal & Contractual Information
  • E.& O.E

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