Send SMS Text Messages from Act! to Customers, Suppliers, Candidates, Attendees, or to any contact, in your Act! database

Act! Mobile Messenger (AMM) has been designed to ‘do what it says’ – with AMM you can now send SMS messages with 480 characters !

Installation in multi-user environment will need planning and configuring to ensure that templates are centrally held and they have the correct content – as Act! Certified Consultants and experience of implementing AMM for several multi users sites we can assist you with this.

With AMM you can send SMS meeting invites and appointment reminders from Act! to your customers. They’ll also get a reminder too, all easily configured. SMS text replies can also be handled and they all go into to the contacts History record in Act!

Activity Messages:

When you schedule this type of activity in the calendar a text message is automatically generated at the scheduled date and time. This feature also supports the following features;

  • Multiple Contact Selection
  • Recurring Activities
  • Templates using Merge fields pasted into Activity Details

Event Messages: 

AMM has a very comprehensive feature for generating automated text messages using a trigger date, a selected group (including dynamic groups) or activities. This feature will scan the database to identify dates, groups and activities to send messages to on a regular frequency (hourly, daily, weekdays, weekly, monthly, yearly). This feature also supports the following features;

  • Contact Recipient selection (Date, Group, Activity Type)
  • Message Recording (Notes,History, Contact Fields)
  • Multiple Phone Number fields
  • Customisation of Out of Office Hours
  • Scanning of Activities (x days before and x days after)
  • Activity Lead Time support (send message before activity)
  • Custom Lead Time support (send message before activity)
  • Duplicate Contact detection (include/exclude)

Suggested uses for AMM:

  • Getting messages out to your staff, customers or suppliers instantly
  • Activating response which is more immediate than email communications
  • Confirm attendance to events and increase audience numbers.
  • Alerts for security or IT companies providing 24/7 service.
  • Emergency alerts
  • Deliver messages to Countries all over the world.
  • Chasing late payments or sending reminders when due.
  • Notifications, Special Offers, Promotional Sales, Competitions.
  • Announcements, Warnings, Security Codes, Software License keys.
  • Security Alerts
  • Event Management
  • SMS Campaign Management
  • Temp & Contract Staff Scheduling

We have successfully implemented AMM into single and multi user Act! database environments


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