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Act! Web API integration – IMPORTANT

Due to the fact that MS Office integration now works via the Act! WEB API it is NOT possible to link Outlook or Word to concurrent multiple Act! databases. This is effective from Act! v22.1 Update 4 onwards and includes Act! v23. This limitation applies to both on-premise Act! CRM and Act! Premium Cloud and Act! SaaS databases.

Using the built-in native functionality if Act! Premium CRM users require connection to multiple databases, then the databases will have to be attached and unattached via the the Outlook integration settings under Tools\Preferences\Email & Outlook Sync. Alternatively we have a special add-in available that will allow merging to Word from Contact and Company records and from multiple databases. 

For Act! Premium Cloud/Act! SaaS CRM users the integration must uninstalled and downloaded and re-installed for every database change.

Act! Obsolescence

The following link provides an up to date view on when specific version will become obsolete and no longer supported. This applies more to users who have on-premise versions of Act!

Act! Obsolescence Policy

  • Act! Pro V21 – V22 obsolescence date 30th Nov 2021
  • Act! Premium V21 obsolescence date 30th Nov 2021
  • Act! Premium V22 obsolescence date 31st Mar 2022
  • Act! Premium V23 obsolescence date 30th Nov 2022

Act! Pro – End Of Life 30 June 2020

The Act! Pro product will no longer be available after 30th June 2020, support for Act! pro will cease on 30th November 2020.

Act! Pro installations will continue to work as normal, however for earlier versions using the Protexis licencing service they will fail to register if you attempt to re-install the software. The SQL Express database is not affected by this so should be safe in the event of any upgrades to the latest version of Act!

What’s new in Act! ?

Act! has undergone a vast amount of change over the last few years, this graphic summaries those changes.

Act! Email Marketing – End Of Life 31 December 2020.

The Act! E-Marketing service will cease on 31st December 2020. Act! users who wish to retain embedded email marketing functionality within Act! will need to migrate to Act! Marketing Automation service – as an addon to Act! CRM.

Act! Pro users will need to upgrade to Act! CRM subscription service in order to access AMA.

Act! E-Marketing users should contact us for options.

Swiftpage Email Marketing – End Of Life 30 June 2019

The Swiftpage Email Marketing service will cease on 30th June 2019.Act! users now have a choice of Act! E-Marketing or Act! Marketing Automation

Act! V18 Pro End Of Life – 30th November 2018

Act! Pro v18 reaches its end of life on 30th November – after that date it will NOT be possible to purchase additional licences without upgrading to the latest version.

Take advantage of the upgrade offers currently running to end of November 2018.

Act! v16 becomes ‘end of life’ on 30 November 2016

Act! v16 becomes end of life on 30th Nov 2016 – Additional licences will no longer be available after this date and support will be withdrawn on 31st March 2017. Act! v16 users should start planning their upgrade now – please contact us for options and pricing.

We  are now accredited as an Act! Premier Training Partner

We can offer on-site 1:2:1 or classroom based training or 1:2:2 remote training if you require it, we can supply Swiftpage Act! training materials.

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