Act! Optimum

The Act! Optimum Addon Suite adds enhanced levels of functionality and automation to Act!
Act! Optimum contains a number of programs which offer productivity enhancements including automation and viewing data from any external source. All of the functionality available in the Act! has been developed as a result of existing Act! user client requests.

Project Support Ltd are an accredited Act! Optimum UK Business Partner, our consultants have all been trained by the development company, contact us for more information on what this product offers and how it could benefit you.

Act! Optimum provides the following additional features and functionality:



Within the basic Act! application if you lookup a selection of Companies it is not possible to subsequently display a list of associated Contacts – with ACT! PLUS you can !

The ACT! PLUS component adds additional navigational shortcuts to various menus throughout the application in Companies, Groups, Opportunities, Notes, Histories, Activities it offers an enhanced level of looking up and linking between records in the database. It does not work on dynamically linked records.

Lookup and select the Companies required, right click the mouse and you will see 3 additional menu options with a yellow ‘+’ as per the screenshot below:


Similarly you can select multiple Groups and Lookup the associated Contacts

Right clicking on an Activity you have the following options:

ACT PLUS Activities

Right click on a History Item and you have the following options, if you edit the History an additional ACT PLUS button is now visible which allows navigation to the associated Contacts or Companies.
ACT PLUS History

ACT PLUS History link



Quicksearch allows you to search using fragments of a search term across multiple pre-defined fields, these can be pre-configured in Contacts, Companies, Groups and Opportunities. The Quicksearch option can be added to Connected Menus or Toolbars and keyboard shortcuts can be created.

You can choose which pre-defined fields are to be searched and restrict access to the functionality based on the Act! user login security level.

The example shown above will return all instances of where ‘John’ and ‘Ball’ exist on any records in the database on the chosen search fields, e.g. ‘John Ballantyne’ and ‘Judith and John Ballance’ etc. The benefit being that if you need to regularly search for phrases or parts of a name across multiple fields you can do this in one action.


Radius Search offers some great functionality – it allows you to search for other Contact Records in a pre-defined radius of the Contact Record you are viewing – perfect for planning routine visits whilst you are in the area!


In the above example it will return ALL contact records in your database that are in a 10km radius of the Post Code shown in the ZIP Code box which is picked up from the Contact Record being viewed. Set the distance in km and it shows the distance in miles for those that need imperial measurements ! Note: the Country field must be populated for this to work.


You can already replace data in fields en-masse within Act! using Edit/Replace – however you can only replace the entire contents of a field with this functionality.

Some fields in Act! can be ‘multi select’ allowing multiple values to be selected from a drop down list, it is NOT possible to replace individual values en-masse.

But ‘Advanced Replace’ bridges the gap and you can changes fragments of a field !


  • Advanced Replace works at Company, Contact Group and Opportunity level
  • You can apply the replacement against the current lookup or all contacts
  • You can set Case Sensitivity  On or Off
  • You can change the field seperator value if a custom value has been used
  • With this tool you could, for  example using a special parameter, add ‘+44’ to the front of all telephone numbers in the database

Act+Autonum AUTONUM

The AutoNum component allows you to generate unique reference numbers at Company, Contact, Opportunity and Group level. Reference numbers can have unique prefixes and suffices to suit your requirements. The reference numbers can be used to have unique ID’s for

  • Import / Export tasks
  • Client Mailings
  • Client Records
  • Project Records – using Opportunities


Act+Autodata AUTODATA

AutoData has been developed to include the ability to change or add program code into the layout.

The possible applications of AutoData are many and varied. The VB.NET editor allows you to insert “codefied” command buttons in the Act! Layout. This provides a degree of flexibility that is limited only by your
imagination and programming skills.
Examples include:

  • Creating dependencies between Act! fields
  • Enter a Postcode and the correct town will appear
  • Select a value from a dropdown list of a given field; only certain values then appear in the
    dropdown list of another field, thereby narrowing the possibilities.
  • Copying data across to other Act! fields so the same value can exist in multiple locations
  • Calculating field contents
  • Sending an email to the Contact Record via a pre-defined email template
  • Verify address information via Google Geocode data for a Contact Record
  • Perform mathematical operations with the contents of one or more Act! fields and display the
    result, or write the result to another field.
  • Saving the contents of individual fields to the clipboard to allow further processing in other
  • Performing a search on all contacts in the same company without having to look up the company
  • Planning and delegating automated activities.
  • Assigning a sequentially numbered name for new sales opportunities.
  • Bookmarking contacts so that other Act! users can retrieve the contact.

Autodata buttons are created in the Layout Editor, but Autodata functionality can also be incorporated into menus and toolbars via the use of an icon.

Act+BrowserTab BROWSER TAB

The Browser Tab allows you to show any kind of external web data in a custom tab in the Act! layout, for example:

  • It can be customised to display a Google map based on the value in the ‘City’ field of a contact.
  • Alternatively you can have a tab that displays all the client folders on your server within the Act! application for ease of navigation and without having to move outside of Act!

Act+TipTap TIP TAP – TAPI Dialler

Whilst a telephone link does already exist within the Act! System, TipTap2 expands on the existing functionality and provides additional useful features, such as call recognition and call history recording.
These were the main priorities during the development of TipTap2:

  • Caller identification via all telephone fields stored in Act!, also based on probability (when caller calls from extension) and displays in a separate window (Call Monitor).
  • Ability to pinpoint the calling contact in Act!.
  • Logging of callers in a caller list, to be able to search for the contact at a later time.
  • Logging of additional information relating to each call (e.g. date, time, duration, country, city, call status) and saving in an Access database for later analysis.
  • Logging of call in the Act! history directly from within TipTap2.


Act! Patches allow you to effect different results within your Act! database – one example being to have a colour coded flag symbol on the Contact screen which changes colour depending on the values in a specific field. This type of patch is driven off an Auto Data script. Patches need to be written by a VB programmer. 

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