Email Marketing Solutions

Focussed marketing based on your customers interests…

  • For every £1 spent, £44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment – Experian
  • 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message – Direct Marketing Association
  • 54% of organizations generate 20% or more of overall revenue through email marketing – DMA “National Client Email Report” (2013)

Every interaction is an opportunity…

  • What steps are you taking to strengthen customer loyalty?
  • What steps are you taking to encourage existing customers to spread the word about your business?
  • What tools are you using to deliver targeted messages to drive sales within your customer base?

Email Marketing Solutions from Act!

Act! offers two email marketing solutions from Swiftpage –  ‘Act! eMarketing’ and ‘Swiftpage eMarketing’. Both products are available on a subscription basis but each offers a slightly different proposition, the main differences are shown in the table below:

Daily email send limit based on number of emails in plan.No daily email send limit, only limited by maximum number of contacts
Drip MarketingNo Drip Marketing
SurveysNo Surveys
Emil blast data shown within Marketing Results Tab (Updates every 24 hours)Email blast data stored within History Tab of contact (Manual Updates)
Call list data only available on websiteAbility to display Call Lists within Act!

To look at Swiftpage Email Marketing in more detail CLICK HERE

To look at Act! E-Marketing in more detail CLICK HERE

You can of course use third party email marketing solutions such as ‘Mailchimp’ with Act! or ‘Constant Contact’ with Act!

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