Mapper from Design R1


Mapper from Design R1 lets you map your Act! contacts and route addresses from your database.

1) Geo Coding:

After creating a latitude field(Decimal) and longitude field(Decimal). Mapper will help you calculate the Latitude and Longitude for your records. Mapper uses either Google or Yahoo maps to determine these points on the address block of your choosing. If you’d like to only like to find the Latitude and Longitude on certain records, Mapper allows you to do a lookup on your current selection or all records.

2) Geo Locate:

Once you’ve determined the Latitude and Longitude on your records you can find all records that have been geo coded in a chosen radius form a selected record. The geo locate function searches for all records that have been geo coded in your chosen radius from your center point(current record).

3) Mapping:

After your records have been geo coded display a look up of records on a map. You can choose to just highlight those places on the map, create an efficient route through those points, or a combination of the two.

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