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As Act! and Sage 50 are being developed independently the link is NOT being maintained, therefore functionality is being compromised over time. Act! v17 only has partial integration with any version of Sage 50 and is NOT supported by either, Sage, Swiftpage or Project Support.

Specifically, errors are likely to be encountered when attempting to generate an Invoice from an Opportunity, or when attempting to view Sage transactions from the Act! Company or Contact view. 

If you require robust integration between Act! and Sage 50 we recommend the use of Alphalink or the Swiftpage Accounting Link.

Sage 50 Accounts Act! Link (previous versions) compatibility status:

The table below is taken from the Act! Compatibly Matrix UK – Article 29767 on the Act! Knowledge base

 Act! Sage compatibility status

Sage 50 Accounts Act! Link (previous versions) Main Features:

Integrating Act! and Sage 50 Accounts can save time, minimise duplication of data and  improve efficiency….

Automatically synchronise data changes Both systems are up to date
Create Sage Accounts records from Act!No duplication of data entry
Import Sage Product List directly into Act!One product list to keep up to date
Create Sales Orders/Invoices from Act!Improved efficiency and speed
No additional licenses requiredNo additional license costs
ACT! users have access to financial dataImproved productivity and service levels
Customer discounts and special terms are maintained in both Sage Accounts and ACT!Customer facing staff always have access to relevant pricing structure

Company and Contact Integration

The Accounting Link from ACT! V16 to Sage 50 Accounts is set up from ACT! where you can:

• Import Accounts (Customers &/or Suppliers) from Sage to ACT! Companies which links the records
• Import Account Contacts from Sage to ACT! Contacts which link to the associated Company record and the Accounts Company record
• Import Products from Sage into ACT!
• Set up automatic updates between the 2 programs specifying which data ‘wins’ if both records have been updated
• Create Sage Account records directly from the ACT! Company record

NOTE: it is recommended that a new user (ACT) record is set up in Sage Accounts which is used for the ‘logon’ to Sage Accounts via the ACT! database. This user record can be set to limit access to Sage Accounts within the Sage application.

If the integration is set up on the Server hosting Sage and ACT! all ACT! users can view the Accounts data in ACT! even if they do not have Sage Accounts installed on their systems.

An example of the Company Accounts view in ACT! is shown below which defaults to the Account Summary but you can access the other areas shown direct from the drop down list; ie you can view all sales invoices which also have a link to open the individual invoices direct from this screen in ACT!


If contact records are also linked to Sage Accounts the same ‘tab’ can be viewed in the Contact records as well as the Company record.

Product and Opportunity Integration

The integration at Opportunity level provides the ability to use the Sage Accounts product list which includes the standard pricing but allows the prices to be modified and add discounts if required.

There is also an option to check pricing for individual customers where Sage Accounts has special pricing for their customers. This ensures that the pricing quoted, even if taken from the standard product price list which has been imported into ACT! is modified prior to creating an invoice by checking the individual prices first.
You can directly from the Products/Services tab in opportunities select the following options (as shown in the image below):
• Check/Update Prices
• Create a Quote
• Create an Order
• Create an Invoice



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