SMS4Act! SMS Text Messaging

Text messaging is an affordable and efficient way to reach customers and prospects alike. With open rates more than 4x greater than traditional email (98% vs 22%), it’s effective as well, allowing even the smallest businesses to compete with much larger competition.

While text messaging is currently available as part of Act! Marketing Automation for US customers, SMS4Act! Allows Act! users to send ad-hoc text messages globally without having to build a full-fledged marketing campaign. All sends and replies are automatically tracked for reference and follow-up.

SMS4Act! Features

SMS4Act! Benefits

  • Send ad-hoc text messages without the need to create a marketing campaign
  • Send to individuals or groups
  • Automatically track sends and replies in contact history records
  • Create text message templates and personalize with individual contact information
  • Send text messages for appointments, order updates, shipping status, event reminders, promotions, and more.
  • Affordable, efficient and effective
  • High open rates compared to email (98% vs 22%)
  • Avoid designing labour intensive emails in exchange for personalized text messages
  • Track sends and replies for follow-up and reference

What are the costs ?

SMS4Act! is powered by Message The software is free, you just pay for the SMS messages credits you need to use. There are 4 SMS4Act! plans available:

  • Basic: 345 messages per month @ £19.00 per month (5.5p per text)
  • Starter: 1000 messages per month @ £49.00 per month (4.9p per text)
  • Standard: 3000 messages per month @ £99.00 per month (3.3p per text)
  • Plus: 10000 messages per month @ £249.00 per month (2.49p per text) 
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