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Act! CRM Self Hosted – Premium on Windows®, Web, and Mobile

September 2021 – Act! v24 release – IMPORTANT NOTE

Act! v24 is now available as a 64-bit application – there may be significant impacts if you upgrade without considering potential impacts first – please contact us before upgrading. Please refer to the Act! Version 24 summary page for an overview.

16 Nov 2020 – Act! v22.1 Update 4 Important Note:

Due to the fact that MS Office integration now works via the Act! WEB API it is NOT possible to link Outlook or Word to concurrent multiple Act! databases. This is effective from Act! v22.1 Update 4 onwards and includes Act! v23. This limitation applies to both on-premise Act! CRM and Act! Premium Cloud and Act! SaaS databases.

Using the built-in native functionality if Act! Premium CRM users require connection to multiple databases, then the databases will have to be attached and unattached via the the Outlook integration settings under Tools\Preferences\Email & Outlook Sync.

For Act! Premium Cloud/Act! SaaS CRM users the integration must uninstalled and downloaded and re-installed for every database change.

Act! CRM Premium offers a 360-degree view of your customers and contacts so you can identify your best opportunities and focus on providing a unique customer experience – even while on the move.

If you have teams and remote users that needs to stay in sync, consider the benefits of self-hosted Act! CRM Premium and deploy remote databases that synchronise with the main database.

Act! CRM Premium works for almost any business in any sector – check out our case studies or call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Act! CRM Premium is only available on a subscription basis – please contact us for a quotation.

The current version is Act! v24 – click here to see the latest features.

Act! Marketing Automation is available to Act! CRM Premium users.

Act! CRM Premium customers can benefit from the web integration functionality offered by the Act! Web API / Act! Connect link.

  • Extended accessibility and team-based functionality
  • Real-time, shared access to a central database from Windows®, web and mobile
  • Group scheduling, dashboards and reports with team views
  • Additional security settings, including field-level security
  • Advanced administration and deployment options

Act! CRM Premium:

  • Is for one or more users and teams of up to 100 users with team level and/or field level security.
  • Will help you get organised – giving you a single view of your customer contact information, emails, meeting notes, activities, history and to-dos.
  • Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook®, Google® and more. (Please note that the way Act! CRM Premium integrates with MS Office and Google can change as new versions of MS Office and Google are released)
  • Can increase productivity with team-based functionality and shared access to a central database from Windows® and the web.
  • Offers multiple deployment options including: LAN – Client Server, synchronised Remote Databases, self hosted Act! Premium for Web, or a combination of all three.
  • Act! CRM Premium allows an UNLIMITED number of ‘Browse’ users.
  • Access to web services via Act! Connect link

Make the most of your working day

  • Act! CRM Premium can help you handle the things that need to get done every day, leaving you more time to focus on what counts – your customers and sales.
  • With Act! Scratchpad you can avoid duplication or loss of important information, a convenient virtual notepad.
  • Smart Tasks lets you accomplish more, it will put activities in your calendar, send emails for you and much more, even when your Act! software is closed.
  • Track scheduled activities and associate them to your contacts for a complete view of happenings with those relationships.
  • Stay up-to-date with when a scheduled task completes successfully, or fails – giving you peace of mind that important database tasks are being completed.

Work with other software tools you rely on everyday, you can do it all from just one place.

  • Write an Outlook® email from within Act! CRM Premium and a history is recorded on the associated contact for quick recall.
  • Incoming Outlook emails can also be added to the History of an Act! contact automatically.
  • Sync your Act! CRM Premium contacts and calendar with Outlook® and Google®, then easily access them from either application.
  • View popular social media sites from within Act! CRM Premium to see more detail about what your customers are up to now.

Important Notes:

  • Review Act! system requirements here.
  • You must purchase one license of Act! CRM Premium per user.
  • Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.
  • Integration with MS Outlook and Google and other applications is dependent on compatibility which can vary between versions of Act! and other target applications.
  • Act! software Legal & Contractual Information
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