Act! Database for Vehicle & Asset Finance Company

The challenge……….

This client needed to ‘systemise’ their business processes to support the expansion of their business and to help them to comply with incoming regulatory change. Due to the nature of their business the amount of information that needs to be recorded for each finance application is considerable and varies according to the type of business entity involved. The proposal documents that are presented to customers are highly detailed in respect of the vehicle specifications and the associated charging breakdown.

Our solution………..

An Act! database was selected as the core system for 5 users and an overriding requirement from the client was to ‘keep it simple’ this was achieved by placing the more detailed information on nominated ‘Tabs’ on the Contact and Opportunity screens. The use of Automatic Field Calculations and Excel Quote Invoice Maker II addin software from Exponenciel was crucial to this implementation to provide the means to complete complex calculations in the database and also produce high quality proposal documents that draw from both Contact and Opportunity data in Act!

In addition to this we also implemented Simply Post Code Lookup software to simplify the validation and inputting of applicants address information.

The benefits………

The business now has a structured system from which to move forward with, client data will be used to support future finance applications and negate the need to re-request this for each application. Every user of the system now has visibility of all proposals, email and phone call records between the business and clients. The use of Simply Postcode will reduce the amount of time spent of checking applicants address information.

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