Sales Database – Case Study 6

Act! Sales Database – International Company

Act! Sales Database Solution

The challenge……….
……..from this client was to replace an existing unstable and unsupported programme which synchronised data between Act! and mobile devices for an international trade sales company in the pet products sector

Our solution………..
We upgraded the client to the latest version of Act! and introduced HandHeld Contact (see the our Act!-Addons page on our website for further information) to this client because of the very large of customised fields which required to be updated directly from the mobile devices from five UK mobile sales operatives.

This particular installation required approximately 170 fields to be present on the mobile devices.

The benefits………

  • The client now has a stable and efficient connection between their main Act! database and their mobile sales team.
  • Since the original installation was performed this has been expanded to the southern hemisphere where the only contact between the head office and sales representative is via HandHeld Contact

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