Get Act! Data On Your Phone

Now more than ever, users expect to have access to their Act! data whenever they need it – anytime, anyplace. Handheld Contact ensures Act! users always have the information they need at their finger tips. Web access might be an option for some users but is of little value in areas of poor mobile network and internet coverage.

  • Does your mobile workforce have the ability to update the Act! database while away from the office?
  • Do you encounter problems with team members maintaining accurate contact records?
  • Do you need to access information in your Act! database when you are away from the office ?

Answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions suggests a case for Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact on your mobile device (Android, Apple & Blackberry) synchronises with your Act! database via the Handheld Contact service. Act! Contact, Calendar and Task data is ‘cached’ on your device meaning that you ALWAYS have access to it. The Contact data can include custom fields from the database.

Phone calls made, and emails sent on the mobile device can be recorded to Act! History ensuring that Act! data integrity is maintained.

To obtain Handheld Contact licences either click the links below, or click the ‘Contact Us’ button. Handheld Contact software will also need to be installed and configured on your Act! server.

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