Act! Database for a Franchised Accounting Company

The challenge…

This client requested a “system” that not only recorded their general Contact Management data but also recorded individual time spent on actions meetings calls for client specific accounting activities. It would need to calculate the cost per action per operative performing the work and produce invoices for “Pay as You Go” clients and profitability for fixed price contract clients.

Our solution…

An Act! database was chosen as the core system for 3 users.
A simple Excel VB programme was then developed by one of our development partners that not only captured the data required to meet the client requirements but also recorded the time spent against a variety of task specific hourly rates to facilitate the reporting and invoicing processes.

The benefits…

The ability to accurately record all work carried out for both “Pay As You Go” and Contract Clients in the Act! Database this resulted in:

  • Increased income and more accurate billing for Pay As You Go clients
  • Improved visibilty on the profitability of contract clients
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