If you need to link Act! to Sage 50 then please note that as Act! and Sage 50 are being developed independently the link internal link is NOT being maintained, therefore functionality is being compromised over time. Act! v17 only has partial integration with any version of Sage 50 and is NOT supported by either, Sage, Swiftpage or Project Support.

Therefore if you require robust integration between Act! and Sage 50 we recommend the use of the Alphalink add-in where you can:

  • View a complete trading history within ACT! for every customer
  • View Sales Orders (Drill Down Facility, to see line items)
  • View Sales Invoices (Drill Down Facility, see if an Invoice is paid in Sage 50)
  • View Accounting Information (Balance, Credit Limit, MTD, YTD, Trading Terms & On-Hold Status)
  • View Accounting Activity (Useful for Sage 50 versions without SOP)
  • Import and Synchronise your product list from Sage 50 Accounts to ACT!
  • Ensure data integrity between the two systems
  • Create new Sales Ledger accounts from ACT! or link to existing records
  • Create Sales Orders directly from an ACT! opportunity
  • Update Prices per Opportunity to bring through Customer specific price information
  • Sample screenshots below, any questions ? please call us.

Alphalogix #2

Alphalogix #1


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