GDPR & Databases

The impacts of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on an organisation will vary according to the nature and granularity of data that is being collected and held, but for organisations that are impacted then good database design, data integrity, the ability to generate reports and access security will be of paramount importance.

If you use an Act! database and would like this customised to meet the requirements of GDPR then we can assist using our many years of experience in database design for industries and organisations across all business sectors.

You may also wish to consider the security risks and implications of holding data in the ‘cloud’ versus an ‘on-premise’ solution – the latter may be able to provide better control over security and access to data.

Act! offers more cost effective deployment options than any other CRM solution in the market – i.e. On Premise, Hosted, Hosted On Your Cloud, Remote Database.

We have a small GDPR article on our blog here


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