The Act! Link for Accounting has the following features:

  • Works with both Sage 50 and Sage Instant – v21, v22, v23 & V24 supported
  • Works with all versions of Act! from v17 and upward
  • Links existing Company and Contact Act! Records with existing corresponding Customers in Sage
  • Works one way – users can never accidentally overwrite any information in Sage.
  • Allows Act! users to view Accounts data as well as view and create Invoices and Sales Orders in Sage.
  • Linked information is kept in specially created fields so no danger of overwriting data in Act!
  • Can use linked Accounts records to manually update address fields in Act!
  • Link records en-masse with the automatic linking feature which works for both Companies and Contacts.
  • Can use individual Act! records to create new Customers in Sage and link them together in the process.
  • Linked information can be updated manually or set up to automatically update at a schedule chosen by the user.
  • Easy to remove and setup again – unlike the original Sage link
  • Detailed video link  here.
  • PDF available here:  Act! Link for Accounting

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