Act! Marketing Automation

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is a subscription service available as an addon to Act! CRM subscription customers, AMA works with Act! v20.1 onwards.

Our consultants are fully accredited on Act! Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation refers to the technology or software that allows businesses to harness smart and automated workflows to enhance productivity and deliver better prospect and customer experiences. By using state-of-the-art marketing automation software, you can get a panoramic view of prospect activity (by integrating it with your Act! database) recognise the hottest leads and prioritise them, deliver a personalised customer experience and generate actionable insight from data to make prudent business decisions.

This is precisely why around 49% of companies are using marketing automation with the numbers increasing daily.

Unlike email marketing systems which only offer basic and bulk emailing, marketing automation tools offer a wide variety of advanced features including:

  • Advanced or automated email marketing campaigns also known as drip marketing or drip campaigns. This type of email marketing goes a step beyond the conventional email blasts. Using this technique you can send out emails on a schedule; e.g. the first email is sent out as soon as a user subscribes, the second is sent out 2 days later, another goes out after a fortnight and so on. In addition to this, you can also automate workflows which allow you to send emails depending on certain triggers e.g. when a user subscribes to a service, or performs a specific action.
  • Landing page creation: Modern marketing automation tools allow you to create lead-driving, customisable and aesthetically pleasing landing pages.
  • Lead capture forms: Create your lead capture forms to capture more prospects’ contact details.
  • Segmentation: Create dynamic customer segments instead of static ones for enhanced customer engagement possibilities.
  • Lead scoring: Associate lead scores against prospects and gain the ability to prioritise the hottest prospects (high lead scores).
  • Triggered emails: Set efficient auto-responders to reach out to customers as soon as they engage.
  • Dynamic content: Display different content in your emails depending on the person who is viewing it.
  • Perform A/B testing: Optimise your email campaigns over time by periodically running A/B testing on your audiences.
  • Social media integration: Use your marketing automation tool to schedule your posts on social media and/or set up automatic posting workflows.

Campaign Management

Optimise your customer lifecycle from initial engagement to retention and loyalty with automated outreach in each step. Let Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns all emails are sent to targeted Group lists in Act! automatically. Campaigns are triggered based on criteria that you define, leading recipients down a highly personalised path.

Setup simple ad-hoc email blasts or drip marketing campaigns for one-off or single path communications as needed. Share campaigns on your social sites to extend your reach or embed social links in your campaigns to drive traffic to your social networks.

Visual workflow designer

Setup custom nurture streams with the visual campaign workflow designer, providing a graphical representation of your communication flow. You can preview email campaigns before sending them, with both mobile and desktop views to ensure your images and content render perfectly.

Lead capture, scoring & nurturing

Grow your audience with effective lead capture forms and surveys that feed contacts and responses into Act! automatically. Advanced forms and surveys allow further actions in Act!. Notify Act! users and create Act! activities and opportunities automatically as recipients respond.

Identify your most interested prospects with lead scoring based on campaign engagement, survey/web form responses, and website interactions. Prioritised leads are pushed into Act! groups automatically for easy sales follow-up.

Automate workflow between sales and marketing to maximise engagement at every phase of the customer journey. Watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns real-time response metrics into sales actions—alerting you of new prospects, prioritising follow-ups, and delivering a composite view of customer engagement in a single solution. Notify Act! users via email and create Act! activities and opportunities automatically based on campaign and website interactions or completed lead forms and surveys.

Real-time response metrics & actionable customer insights

Understand what’s working and how you can improve your marketing strategy over time with real-time metrics covering opens, clicks, and comparative stats per campaign. Individual campaign results automatically push to Act! contact records for a detailed interaction history. Perform A/B tests to pinpoint your most impactful subject lines and content to continually improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Identify known prospects on your website in real-time to engage with them when they are most interested, because web visits feed into lead scoring profiles and create activities for sales follow-up in Act! automatically.

How to fuel your business with marketing automation

Act! Marketing Automation Plans & Features

There are four Act! Marketing Automation options available to Act! Premium CRM: Basic, Select, Complete & Advanced.

Basic allows up to 2500 email sends per month and is included with all Act! CRM subscriptions, Select includes 25,000 emails p/mth, Complete includes 50,000 emails p/mth and Advanced includes 100,000 emails p/mth. Although additional blocks of 2500 emails are available to users on the Basic plan there is a maximum monthly amount of 10,000 email sends. Users wishing to send more than 10,000 emails per month must upgrade to the most suitable plan.

Note: Professional, Premier and Ultimate refer to retired Act! Growth Suite plans which are not available to new users.

Contact us to discuss detail of plan options.

AMA Feature & Benefit
Pro or Select
Premier or Complete
Ultimate or Advanced
Emails Per Month
Email marketing
Interactive template editor
Mobile & desktop preview
Social sharing
Landing pages & lead capture
Drip marketing
Visual workflow designer
Email tracking & Metrics
Deliverability & compliance tools
Getting started concierge
CRM workflow with prioritised sales follow-up
Response driven nurture marketing
Advanced lead capture & surveys
Lead management & scoring
Event marketing
Website activity tracking & analysis
HTML email editor
A/B testing
Multi-stage lead profiling
Deliverability & marketing consulting services
Additional 2,500 email sends per month
Additional domain (per domain, per month)

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