Act! CRM – Premium Cloud

CRM software built for how you do business

Act! Premium Cloud CRM (also know as Act! Premium for Web) is available to businesses who wish to host their own cloud based Act! CRM database on a local web server.

Instant online access

Get going right away with instant online access to rich contact, calendar, and opportunity details accessible from your laptop, tablet, and mobile device. (Subject to internet access) Work online for real-time access to Act! or work offline and sync changes when you connect next.

Collaborate with your team to stay up-to-date on the latest contact and activity details, automate best-practice sales processes, and send targeted email marketing campaigns – from in the office, or on the road.

You can also have remote databases configured to run locally on a PC or laptops which sync with the hosted database.

  • Review Act! Premium Cloud system and Browser requirements here

Important Notes:

  • Review Act! system requirements here.
  • You must purchase one license of Act! CRM Premium per user.
  • Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.
  • Integration with MS Outlook and Google and other applications is dependent on compatibility which can vary between versions of Act! and other target applications.
  • Act! software Legal & Contractual Information
  • E.& O.E

Solving Your Problems

We are an Act! Platinum Business and Training Partner - testimony to our knowledge, expertise and experience of Act! CRM, and Act! Marketing Automation.

We enjoy the challenge to help you find a solution to your business process problems. Check out our Case Studies to see how we’ve helped other clients with their challenges.

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