Act! Installation

Act! Premium CRM be installed on Windows based PC’s or servers, when installing Act! you need to consider:

  • How it is going to be deployed – there are several ways Act! can be deployed and accessed and some of these are outlined below
  • Hardware Requirements – check the Act! System Requirements
  • What add on products you may require
  • Software compatibility – including Microsoft Office and any other applications Act! will be integrated with. Check out software compatibility here

Contact us if you need advice and guidance in installation, we are here to help you get the very best from Act! and installations are performed in conjunction with business consultancy and training with a view to reducing system downtime.

Act! Deployment Options

Client Server – On Premise

The Act! application and database are installed on a suitably specified ‘server’ and each ‘client’ user PC or Laptop has the Act! application software installed. The Act! application on each client PC ‘points’ at the Act! database, or databases, on the server, and is configured locally to the users email software client.

Remote Database Synchronisation

For Laptop or Remote users who require mobile access to the Act! database the Act! application and a ‘Remote’ copy of the Act! database is installed on the Laptop and then synchronised with the main Act! database either via the office LAN or a VPN on a regular or scheduled basis, this is an ideal CRM solution for mobile/remote sales teams.

Remote Access via Handheld Contact

If you require access to your Act! Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on your Android or Apple device then Handheld Contact could be considered. Because the data is cached on the device you always have access to the data and you are not dependent on a live internet connection. The Handheld Contact application is installed and configured on the Act! Database server and synchronisation with the HHC user accounts is configured to run on a scheduled basis.

Terminal Server / Citrix

Similar to the Client Server model but the Act! application runs in the Users profile in the Terminal Server environment – ideal for situations where the IT department wants greater control over applications or user PC’s are of a lower specification.

Act! hosted in your cloud

By installing Act! Premium for Web (APFW) CRM on a Webserver on your network the Act! database can be published ‘in your cloud’ and made available over the web, your Act! database also be accessed on mobile devices, smart phones and Apple computers.

It is also possible to have remote synchronised databases as well as a web based database.

This approach requires Act! Premium Cloud CRM and may impact integration with other applications and add-on products. There are also other considerations such as requiring a static IP address for your internet connection, sufficient internet connection speed/capacity and configuration of your network router to permit TCP/IP traffic to be passed between the Act! database server and external users.

Whatever option you require please contact us as we have considerable experience in all of the scenarios described above.

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