Seamless Opportunities

If you need to produce richer MS Word  documents from Act! merging data from any field at Company, Contact or Opportunity level, or you need to produce multiple templates you need Seamless Opportunities for Act! – our top selling Act! addon product.

There are three versions – ‘LITE‘, ‘FOUNDATION‘ and ‘ELITE‘  The version you require depends on the level of functionality required, all versions offer:

  • Unique Quote Numbering
  • Multiple templates
  • Automated linking of documents to Opportunity and linked Contacts
  • Compatibility with remote / subscriber databases

SEAMLESS OPPORTUNITIES LITE is the entry level version:

  • This version utilises the Act! product table


  • Multiple currencies
  • Independent Product Table – includes product Images and extended product descriptions
  • Iteration management to track variations of a quotation through its life
  • Barcoding
  • Product Categories
  • Split Labour and Product pricing
  • Excel or Word based templates
  • Centralised or Individual numbering
  • Quote segmentation for presenting options
  • Decide which items/options update Act! sales pipeline
  • Order line ‘reasons’ for tracking won/lost reasons at product line level


Seamless Opportunities Elite is built on the Foundation version with the following enhancements:

  • Service items with definable hourly rates
  • Create Bills of Materials
  • Control Bills of Materials content in quotations
  • Clone Bills of Materials

SEAMLESS OPPORTUNITIES makes quoting in Act! easy. Create quotes, tenders or proposals in minutes, create and customise your own templates, pick from your product list, quote in different currencies and track your opportunities.

  • Seamless Opportunities is embedded within Act! everything is done within the Act! program. Your quotes sit within the Act! sales pipeline.
  • Automatically update contact records with quotation information.
  • Map custom fields between Act! and Seamless Opportunities if you need it.
  • You can run it with remote Act! databases too.
  • Design your own quotations, tenders and proposals, choose from a gallery of templates or let us create them to your specific requirements. Customise as much or as little as you want. First impressions are important; they can make or break deals. Maintain consistent presentation of your quotes and proposals to boost your brand. Use designs and features which work for you and win you sales.
  • Add product images and service logos to your product list and include them as a visual reference in your quotations, tenders and proposals.
  • Set up and use as many product properties as you need. Create special products and services on the fly. Easy import of both Act! products and external product files into Seamless Opportunities. If you have products with lots of properties, you can import as many products as you want once you have created the fields.
  • Make more of Act! reports and management tools by providing it with data which is meaningful to you.
  • Quote in any currency and convert sales data back to your company currency the multi-currency feature makes it easy to quote customers in the currency of your choice.
  • Output your quote into richer Microsoft® Word  or Excel templates. Merge any field from Contacts, Opportunities, Companies or Seamless Opportunities tables.

In addition there is also the ‘Seamless Opportunities Reporting Extension‘ This useful addin offers access to an extended data set for the Opportunities area of Act! It addresses the Act! limitations regarding reporting around multiple product lines relating to individual Opportunities.

We are approved resellers for Seamless Opportunities and have implemented it for many multi user Act! installations – contact us for more information

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