What’s new in Act! Version 23 ?

  • Act! v23 builds on v21 & v22 developments delivering numerous targeted improvements to high usage areas and performance and usability enhancements across the solution, designed to streamline and optimise the user experience to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Act! users upgrading to v23 will realise the benefits of revamped addins for Outlook and Word.
  • Act! v23 includes several bug fixes and the removal of Act! eMarketing (AEM) references and navigation routes for both Desktop and Web.
  • Act! v23 does not include schema changes – therefore clients using remote databases synchronised to Act! Premium Cloud databases do not need to upgrade the Windows client software on user PC’s unless they need to take advantage of improved Office integration features.
  • Many improvements and enhancements have been made to Act! Marketing Automation including:
    • A new Unsubscribe Center allowing the creation of multiple Unsubscribe Template pages to cater for separate brands and initiatives within organisations.
    • Unlimited Folders for improved management of Campaigns, Landing Pages and Templates.
    • Landing Page Impressions are now available to asses how many people visited a LP but failed to complete it.
    • Landing Pages can now be designed with the Drag & Drop editor.
    • New Drag & Drop Template Elements including Menus, Giphy, Icons and Titles.
    • Filtering of Teams when searching.
    • Import & Export of templates in the JSON format using the Drag & Drop editor

If you’re not on the latest version of Act!, you’re missing out on game changing innovations and modern enhancements on the next-generation Act! platform.

See how Act! has evolved since v20.1 thro’ to v23…

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