Act! CRM Premium Cloud is the fully featured cloud based version of  Act! CRM hosted by Act! and includes the Basic  version of  Act! Marketing Automation.

Features & Options:

Act! CRM Premium Cloud has a number of options and addon packages available including:

  • Remote database sync
  • Custom Tables
  • Act! Marketing Automation additional plans
  • SMS4ACT – SMS Texting option
  • Additional Cloud Storage
  • Enhanced support

Important Notes:

  • Review  Act! system requirements here.
  • There are NO FIELD SCEURITY options with Act! CRM Premium Cloud, existing field security options in an imported database will be retained, but it is not possible to set any field security options once in the cloud. 
  • You must purchase one license of Act! CRM per user.
  • Scalability varies based on hardware, size, and usage of your database.
  • Integration with MS Outlook and Google and other applications is dependent on compatibility which can vary between versions of Act! and other target applications.
  • Act! software  Legal & Contractual Information
  • E.& O.E


Act! CRM Premium Cloud is provided on an annual subscription basis and costs £300 + VAT Per Annum / Per User (based on unique email address)

This is standard pricing and from time to time there may be special offers if upgrading from earlier versions of Act! 


Standard Act! Premium Cloud pricing provides for a total database size of 15gB including attachments.

If the storage exceeds 15gB then each additional 5gB cloud storage unit is charged at £36.00  per annum for 1 – 5 units.

For 6 – 1 0 additional storage units the charge is £27.00 per annum and for 11 + additional storage units it is £18.00 per annum.

We can now offer the Linktivity Suite addons for Act! Premium Cloud users, these addons provide some incredibly useful functionality that will elevate your use of Act1, check them out on the Linktivity Suite Bundles page

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